Below are a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the title to view our answer.

Chiropractic Fees

Initial Consultation – case history and examination (1hour). Includes 1st treatment session: £50

Follow Up Treatment (20 mins): £36

Concessions – Student and Under 16s: £32

Ongoing Treatment Package (5 sessions at £32 each): £160

Covered by most major insurance companies including, WHA, axaPPP, Norwich Union.

(If you require only the consultation and examination then please state this while making your appointment)

How long will it take before I am better?

Most problems will need a course of treatment. Very occasionally for minor problems, only a couple of treatments may be needed. The vast majority though will need a course designed for their particular problem. The majority of treatments will take place in the first couple of weeks. As your problem improves you will be put on to a longer period between sessions until you are able to stay clear and have no relapses.

For those with more chronic cases maintenance treatment may be suggested for the long-term to maintain improvement.

What can I expect from my first visit?

Diagnosing the cause of musculo-skeletal symptoms is notoriously difficult and requires an in depth examination following a detailed patient history. Making the right diagnosis at the outset, ensures that the correct treatment is undertaken immediately.

Often, by the time that new patients arrive at the clinic, they have been seen by a number of clinicians and therapists without any positive results. In addition, many of the clinicians they have visited do not have the depth of knowledge of a chiropractor and have been given incorrect or misleading diagnoses.

For the reasons cited above, we understand the importance of giving our new patients time to explain the history of their condition. Therefore, we allow an hour for the initial consultation.

Once the history has been taken we will have a good indication of the cause of the problem. This directs us to specific chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological examinations verify our first impressions. Following these examinations, you will be given a clear report of findings and diagnosis.

If we feel that there is a need for further investigations like X-ray, MRI or blood tests, we will notify you at this stage. Assuming that the condition is one that will respond to chiropractic care, we will commence treatment at the first appointment.

At the end of the first appointment you will be given a clear indication of the number of treatments required to improve your symptoms and also the frequency by which treatments are required.

Will I need X-rays?

Not necessarily, but if your problem needs further investigation or is slow to respond, these can arranged through the clinic by your chiropractor or even through your own General Practitioner.

Can the problem be cleared?

The news is good. The vast majority of back pain is due to simple joint straining which should respond within a month. More chronic long-lasting problems may take longer. This will be explained to you as you go through your treatment sessions with your Chiropractor.

Do I need to contact my General Practitioner?

Not unless you wish to. Your Chiropractor will send a report to your General Practitioner (with your permission) informing your GP of your problem and the treatment that has been given, a copy will also be given to you. Obviously you do not have to visit your GP for an ‘Off Work Certificate’ as your Chiropractor can give you one.

GPs are recommended by their Royal College that manipulation is the best form of treatment for the vast majority of mechanical back problems.

Are Chiropractic Treatments safe and do they hurt?

Chiropractic treatments are extremely safe for individuals of all ages – from infants to 100 year olds. Our treatments are safe because we only use natural and non-invasive methods of care. Research consistently shows that care from chiropractors is among the safest care available and is often safer than traditional medical care.
The treatments themselves are generally not painful. In fact, most patients look forward to their treatments as many experience instantaneous relief immediately afterwards. Individuals who present with moderate to severe pain may experience some minor discomfort for obvious reasons, however, care is always gentle, safe and non-invasive.

How often do I need Chiropractic Treatment?

An average course of treatment may entail five or six treatments over two or three weeks, but every case is assessed individually, and it is important to keep your appointments, and make regular visits. In chronic or recurrent conditions, check ups or maintenance treatment may be considered. Discuss this with your Chiropractor, who will explain your treatment programme to you.