Leah is a qualified level 4 Sports Massage Therapist. She qualified in 2013 at UWIC (now Cardiff Met). Prior to qualifying she worked in Air Traffic Control at Cardiff Airport but decided a sitting job wasn’t for her. So instead she followed her passion for biology and health fitness and decided to pursue a career in sports massage therapy.

LeahLeah’s sports massage career started out with providing in-house massage within Admiral (one of Cardiff’s largest employers) as part of a health scheme to tackle the adverse effects of prolonged sitting and improve wellbeing.

She then moved to Bristol and started working in a private physiotherapy practice working alongside physios treating sporting and non-sporting clients. A highlight of her career was working with Mathew Bourne’s Swan Lake dancers back in 2015.massage

She is a highly ambitious individual and always keen to learn more, thus has attended several courses to advance her skills and knowledge, including acupuncture for sports injuries, with many more insight.

Leah really believes in the benefits of sports massage for the everyday person, not just athletes as the title would suggest. With our more sedentary lifestyles sports massage is an essential tool to address the imbalances and weaknesses that build within the musculoskeletal system.

Her treatments aren’t just massage – she will teach you to become more body aware and how to correct movement patterns to ensure the treatment carries on into everyday life.